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Why Work With Pixelbrand?

Beautiful, Well-Executed Branding Changes Everything

Beautiful graphic design and intelligent branding will mean faster, more persuasive exposure for your business. Our challenge is to make your product or service memorable and coveted, and to create a consistent brand across your printed and digital materials.

From mobile-friendly, responsive websites to beautiful logo design and info sheets- we can tackle any branding challenge. With lots of great energy and a wildly strategic vision, Pixelbrand can help create a buzz around your product by making it look its best online and in print. Our core client base is the health and wellness sector, and designing logos for health companies or websites for warrior companies that are changing the world around them is our passion. See our environmental mission here.

Our Strengths

We love creating seamless brand
experiences across digital and print. Our core passions lie in these areas.


  • Brand Identity 100%
  • Mobile & Web Design 95%
  • Outstanding Print Materials 95%
  • User Experience + Project Research 75%


  • Health + Alternative Wellness Industry 100%
  • Feel Good /Sustainability and Green Sector 85%
  • Bohemian Female-Centric Brands 100%
  • Emerging Technologies + Hipster-Tech-Platformy-Cloud-Stuff 85%

Our team

We're a small, friendly and talented team. We craft beautiful solutions for awesome clients across all platforms. If you call us up, here's who'll you'll chat with.

It was such a pleasure to work with Pixelbrand. I cannot say enough about the quality of the work they do, they are creative geniuses!"

- Rebecca W., R.W. Massage Therapy -


We believe that every brand has something intrinsically unique, and that when we find that defining characteristic that it can be leveraged to drive sales. Sometimes, it's hard to step outside of your own brand to really see things from your customers' point of view. Our process (for both digital and print projects) is set up so that your authentic brand is chiseled out as we work on your marketing materials. We offer a full range of creative services.

Identity & Branding

That special something that sets brands on fire? Naming, perfect corporate colours, phenomenal design, the right messaging and positioning. Kaboom.

User Experience

We deliver digital + paper experiences that delight. With research, understanding + engagement, persuade your customers to crush on your brand.

Logo Design + Business Cards

Simple. Beautiful. Elegantly Designed. There's nothing that screams polished, credible + professional like a great logo and cards that stand out.


We believe that your website should be easy to use, superbly laid out and memorable. We design websites that get bookmarked, shared, and found.

Cross-Platform Campaigns

Social media campaigns that cross into real-life, and print campaigns that send them to your website. Seamless brand messaging across all channels.

Video + Vlogging Production

As simple or as complex as you desire. We get you on video, on YouTube, on Blog radio and out to the masses. Get your blog on.

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