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Happy Earth Day
Curly Q

Earth Day is pretty important to us around here.

We want to make it last, and so- in honor of friends and clients we have made some special earth day donations on your behalf. This year, we partnered with Trees for Life International, a small nonprofit organization based in Wichita, Kansas. Trees for Life started out with the mission to help end world hunger by planting fruit trees around the world. Now, they take on education initiatives, and we like the way they think. Your donation will be used to plant a native, fruit-bearing species in a developing country. Every person that is helped is shown how to care for their trees, and their debt is very simple: when their trees bear fruit they must take some seeds to two other people and teach them what they have learned. We think this is a phenomenal way to celebrate Earth Day, we hope you enjoy this small token of appreciation.

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If you have any questions about this gift, please email or call (289) 231-6514.