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Your level of passion on any given project will drive your attitude and your sales. Passion is an engine for small business owners. You'd be shocked how many times I sit down with an entrepreneur, and I learn that they no longer know why they are working so hard. They've lost that special spark that ignites brands on fire... and they no longer feel the same enthusiasm that they first felt when they started to build their brand.
Phenomenal branding needs phenomenal energy.
This doesn't mean that if you don't feel your heart skipping a beat when you think about growing your business that there's no hope left. Quite the opposite, actually. We can work with you to inject your business with a heaping dose of infectious enthusiasm. All we need to do is sit down, talk shop... and get your brand passion to a level where it needs to be.

brand passion

We can build that energy into your marketing, your graphics, and your message; but for that energy to resonate with your client base and to be authentic to your unique business, we need to find out what it is that makes you excited about your business.
My first order of business when branding or rebranding is to ask the following questions:
Why are you doing what you're doing?
What gives you the energy to keep at it, every day?
What do you love about your business? And what do your clients love about what you are doing?

Brand Passion and branding
And when I say passion, I mean your passion.
Brand passion is felt by others as brand enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm is infectious and can catch fire.

This isn't rocket science, here.. we know. But I've seen this tiny change in communication turn a deadbeat business into an instant hit. People will want to be on board. Passion in a brand is like a magnet for everyone else who likes to be inspired. People love to stand behind products and people who know how to make other people feel good.
Enthusiasm feels great...

Does your brand need a little TLC in the area of passion?
Could you use a brand story and marketing materials that you can stand behind and feel great about?

Passion is the first area that we delve into when we build brands with people.

After we find that spark, we can really look at using it in a strategic way in promotions.
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