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Every web and printing service that you use has a greener, friendlier alternative that
we would be more than happy to discuss with you. Make more money while you
save the planet... could you ask for more?



Something is amuck in the world of sales. People are no longer the impulse-driven, care-free consumers that they once were. The new consumer appears to be - gasp - becoming a citizen!

They are doing their research before making purchases, and weighing their options under a microscope. The world of business has changed forever. The new consumer demands eco-aware marketing campaigns from the companies that they buy from.

They connect with responsible initiatives and they want to see that you are doing your part. Why not use recycled papers when you send out printed marketing materials? It's a small first step, but it will make a big impact. We'd love to talk to you about your triple bottom line and our 100% recycled, post-consumer waste print promotions. Send your message out with soy and vegetable based, waterless printing and appeal to the psychographics of your target client!






paperless less paper campaign


By creating a stronger, more resilient brand and a targeted campaign you can cut your paper usage by more than 50%. Do you really need 3 mediocore images for your brochure, or do you just need one great graphic? The same rule applies to copy writing and content.
Get your message pared down to its most basic essence, and make clearer, stronger connections with your advertising.
Alternatively, why not work towards a paperless campaign by setting up a spread-like-wildfire social media platform? Getting out there in a planned, strategic, and highly competitive way is a guaranteed method to boost more sales and grow your business. Navigate the online world of social marketing with twitter, facebook, and YouTube. Create a video, a blog or an online newsletter. Ask us how!




wind and solar powered websites


Let us help you set up your website and online promotions and get them hosted on wind or solar powered servers. People tend to think that a "paper" campaign means that trees are being used, and that online campaigns are much greener because they use less natural resources. Is our perception true? Not really.

Data centers that host the internet pages we surf use a huge amount of energy, a fact that we tend to overlook. Statistics suggest that as energy consumption keeps up with the increasing demand for internet usage that web usage will produce more carbon emissions than the airline industry by 2020!

Why not be an early adopter and ask us about alternative web hosting for your company website? Your customers will love your initiative, and your brand will reap the rewards. Be authentic, transparent, and proactive online. We'd love to show you how.







wind powered website




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